Hello there! My name is Alec Lowrey, but I often go by the name PixelRust.

I create electronic music that draws influence from everything from past and current trends regarding the genre to rock, hip hop, and more. I do this with the mindset that there is more to good music than just catchy hooks, pounding beats, and top 40 mainstream status.

Travel, nature, the observation of people, and the current state of our world are things I will often use as inspiration for my work. Essentially any observable scene, as well as every gathering, setting, or climate, tells its own story and carries its own emotions. Sometimes the most beautiful or fascinating elements of these stories are hard to spot or are overlooked, and oftentimes art will bring these to light.

Or maybe, I'll just throw melodies, basslines, beats, and other sounds together and it'll be something that never existed before. Either way.

I have studied the piano for since about 2008, and thanks to the guidance of my fantastic instructor and my own perseverance, I learned the music and composition theory (in addition to a knowledge of the instrument itself) that would underlie my creations and seep into my normal thought process. I began to teach myself to use digital software and electronic instrumentation later on; in 2014, music in general became enough of an obsession that I HAD to do something with it and dedicate myself to it as much as possible.

In the end,

I want my work to inspire others to look at their environment through a new, enlightening, imaginative and amusing lens (while simultaneously vibing/going insane to the beat). As a result, perhaps, you may just end up finding a completely new world.

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Click here to read testimonials!

Signed to Pink Dolphin Music

Signed to Pink Dolphin Music

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